Newborn Portrait Sessions

Thank you for scheduling your Newborn Portrait Session!


Please note that Newborn sessions can be expected to take 2-3 hours. This is the average time (industry-wide), and depends on how sleepy baby is and how cooperative.

A sleepy newborn makes the best subject! Infants should be given a bath beforehand (to wake them up), and have a FULL feeding. Please try to keep baby awake until you arrive. Baby may be fed again after you arrive and before the session if needed. This makes for a very sleepy baby who will be cooperative.  Do not worry if your baby is fussy or you have to take frequent breaks to console or to feed. This is expected and we will make the time for you to care for baby during the session. Newborn sessions are the most challenging and do take a lot of patience and are never quick and easy.

Newborns are recommended to be photographed between 5 and 14 days of age. Be aware that newborns older than 21 days may have passed the stage for some of the newborn poses and props. Babies at this age begin to stop curling, develop a startle reflex, may resist swaddling, have a lot of eye movement, stretching, and “face-making” and usually stay awake longer. They may also take a bit longer to settle into a pose. We can still get great images, especially when being held, but may have to make a few adjustments.

I usually begin with a few setups on a beanbag with baby alone, then 2-3 prop shots on the floor (with a parent spotting baby),  followed by baby with parents/siblings if desired. If younger siblings are joining, sometimes it’s best if they come nearer to the end of the session (it can get boring after a while for little ones!)



You are free to bring any special items with you, and I ask that you send me a photo of the item so that I can make a plan on how to best incorporate it into the session images!

Please bring a bottle of milk and a pacifier (even if baby does not or will not in the future use one, they are a tremendous help during the photo session). Bring a change of clothes for mom or dad if baby will be naked during parent shots. Please also have on hand a comfy blanket, burp cloth, and a few extra diapers.


Thanks and look forward to meeting you!