Halli was already 3 weeks old when she came in for her wrapped mini session! She did terrific and these colors, soView Full Session »

Christmas Eevee

Eevee is all donned out in her Christmas colors with a pretty red flower halo. I love these very simple holiday setupsView Full Session »

Christmas Baby Special Edition

Something a bit different! Special Edition images can be created for your session, they take more time and planning andView Full Session »

Sleepy Little Baby!

I really love this bed prop, I use it all the time! This little sweetie is sound asleep in her bed with her teddy bearView Full Session »

Eevee 7 Days

Little Eevee was 7 days when she came for her photo session! She is such a sweet little girl and never made a whimperView Full Session »


Berkleigh came at 7 days old and really rocked her session! I also photographed her birth, she is just a lovely littleView Full Session »

Newborn Girl in Blue

Blue isn’t just for boys! Consider colors other than pink for your little girl! She is rocking a blue bonnet wrapView Full Session »

Shayla’s Birth Photos

One of the most amazing and unforgettable things in a woman’s life is the birth of her baby. I absolutely loveView Full Session »

Newborn in Floral Outfit!

It seems florals are all the rage this year, and we’ve got you covered! This 6 day old sweetie is modeling a newView Full Session »

Dream Time

This is a simple pose (well it looks that way, anyway). Baby is sleeping with a blanket pulled up tight and holding aView Full Session »

Head on Hands

I love this pose but don’t get to do it, because although it looks simple, alot of babies do not like it.  SheView Full Session »

Dream Baby Bed

Stepping out of the box with color this time! Isn’t this beautiful, colorful, and ethereal? She looks great inView Full Session »

Batman!! (and Robin!)

This is little Malcolm and mom and dad are obsessed with superheroes! So of course, Malcolm had to be Batman’sView Full Session »

Sweet Baby M

Baby M rocked her newborn session, here is one of her poses along with her mommy and daddy!  View Full Session »

10 Days

Madison is 10 days old here, she is rocking the Huck Finn pose so well!  A few sweet closeups of her face completesView Full Session »

Baby Madison

Little Madison is so pretty in all this pink! She’s lying in the prettiest bowl that is new to the studio.  SheView Full Session »

White and White!

Oh my goodness, isn’t this so fresh and pretty? White on white, mom’s suggestion and I love how it turnedView Full Session »

Crate on Wood Floor

This is a great go-to pose for a baby who doesn’t really like to sleep. Swaddled up tight in a crate, the usuallyView Full Session »

Bucket Pose

This is called the bucket pose, baby is in a bucket with just head and hands peeking out! Sometimes we can get an armView Full Session »

Woodland Baby

This little guy has a woodland rustic theme to his nursery so I gave him the cutest little woodland setup! He had aView Full Session »

Sleeping Baby Pose

This is a great add-on pose, to flip baby over on her back and pull the posing blanket up over.  Voila, a cute bonusView Full Session »


Dax did a great job in his session and looks so cute in this little pajama set! He did the bum up pose like a champ!View Full Session »

Christmas Baby

A few cute Christmas shots of this baby girl in a crate! Super simple props and with really soft wrapped studio lightingView Full Session »

Potato Sack with Swaddle Sack

I have a few swaddle sacks in the studio, they look like a wrap, but are actually a knitted sack with a tie at the top,View Full Session »

Pink Flokati Wrap

This is a great pose, we wrap the baby in a swaddle wrap and snuggle her all up in some pretty fur! This is one of theView Full Session »

Bear on a Shelf

This is a special edition image, I just love doing these! This is my little bear on a shelf! If you come to me often,View Full Session »

Potato Sack

This pose is called the Potato Sack pose. It is done with wraps and of course is a composite image of 2 images (hands onView Full Session »

Huck Finn Pose

This beanbag pose is called the Huck Finn pose! Baby on back with legs resting, just looking casual, this is actually anView Full Session »


Bently is just 10 days old here, he looks great in greens and blues! A few favorite photos! Rolla Waynesville St RobertView Full Session »

Baby Girl in a Wreath

This is another Special Edition image that you may have at your session! Special Edition images are very  advancedView Full Session »

Baby C and W

A few more individual photos of the baby twin boys, hard to tell apart aren’t they?View Full Session »

Daddy’s Little Boy

I just love this precious set of a little boy and his hero daddy! Fort Leonard Wood Waynesville Newborn Photographer &View Full Session »

Baby Twin Boys

Miles and Connor are identical twin baby boys! They came for their session at 6 weeks old and did a wonderful job forView Full Session »


Jake is so adorable, he did great, except he was not a sleeper! He sure took his sweet time posing for his photos, butView Full Session »

The Stork

This is a very special composite!  The stork has recently visited this family and left a little something behind!  WeView Full Session »


Brantley came with his 2 big sisters for his photo session.  His dad likes to deer hunt so we did a deer theme in sageView Full Session »