Cake Smash Sessions

It’s Time to Party!!

Thank you for scheduling your cake smash session!

The cake smash will take place after any other photo session you have purchased, if you have addition photos of the baby taken. The cake smash portion generally lasts 15-20 minutes.  I will keep everything in another room and take a few moments to setup after our portrait session so that baby will not be distracted by seeing the decorations during his/her regular session.



Cake Smashes are usually very bright, fun, and colorful! Be thinking about what color pallet you would like for your session. This can match baby’s party colors, nursery, or be something completely new.  I have plenty of suggestions if you cannot decide or have no preference!

I will supply everything but the cake. 6-8 inch double-layer cakes photograph best.  Iced cakes work best for adequate destruction/mess (fondant does not work well and is often difficult for baby to penetrate).  White photographs better but you are welcome to bring chocolate if that is what you love.   If for any reason you cannot supply a cake, I can have one made at an extra cost.  Just let me know in plenty of time! Parents are responsible for picking up the cake and bringing it to the session regardless.

Most parents bring their own outfit, or I can supply an outfit if you do not have one and I have time to find one before the session that will coordinate with your colors.  If you have an outfit, if you can snap a photo of it and email or text it to me,  this will help me also coordinate the colors to match.

Outfits for girls could be a tutu, romper, or just a diaper cover. Boys usually wear jeans, diaper covers,  or rompers. Party hats are cute but usually don’t stay on long! But we can try it!

If you want a THEMED or CHARACTER session, please supply all themed items with you and I will coordinate the rest of the set to match the colors of your theme.



Sometimes the cake smash session is the first time baby has tasted cake. Most babies love the cake and dive in, but for a select few babies, this can be unpleasant for them, the taste will be new (so sweet!) and the texture of the cake in their hands can be something they don’t like very well!

If possible, you can  practice a time or two with a decorated cupcake or small cake ahead of time, so baby knows what to expect (this really is good!)  If they know what to expect, most babies are excited to get their cake and the session will go quickly and will be a success.



I have a bathtub and will provide supplies where baby can get all cleaned up! If you bring your own outfit, bring a bag to put the soiled outfit in, and wash it quickly when you get home (some icing colors may stain).



Photographer is not responsible or liable for cooperation of baby. Even with most babies, unless they cry all the way through the session, I am able to get some amount of images.  Due to the nature of these custom sessions,  cake smash reshoots are available but at an additional fee.



We will shoot images from start to finish. Your minimum order is 20 digital images, and will also receive a 12×12 mounted storyboard of  all of the fun!  

You may also add-on additional items for an extra fee. Additional digital images, standout mounted upgrade for the storyboard, accordion minis, and small albums are also popular add-on items! These and other options can also be added on a-la-carte for a fun gift or to display at the real party!