3 Month Portrait Sessions

Thank you for scheduling your 3 month baby session!

Your 3 month session is here! While they are cute and growing so quickly, the 3 month session can be the most challenging of all sessions I photograph! Your little one is no longer a sleepy, curly newborn who can be coaxed into poses. Nor is she able to sit up unassisted. Mostly likely she likes to lay on her back, maybe some at this age may be able to push up on their hands for me, but many will kick, stretch,, and make funny faces! So with that in mind, here are some ideas to get through this most challenging time for portraits!

We can use props as usual, but please don’t be upset or have expectations of baby completely cooperating. If something doesn’t work, it is best to move on to the next pose or setup. And please don’t despair if baby is a crying mess. More than likely we will get the photos we want, we just need patience and understanding.  It only takes a moment to capture the expression we want, but sometimes it may take quite a bit longer to get to that moment! If something doesn’t work and you have your heart set on it, we always have the 6, 9 or 12 month session to capture that image!


Go Candid
Mom and dad consider doing some more casual and candid photos instead of a more tradition 3 month baby picture. Taking on a more photojournalistic or story telling approach can be a great way to document the milestones for these 3 month baby pictures. I may aim for shots of the 3 month old holding its head up, playing with toys, and even some with mom and dad.

Show Relationships
One of the major 3 month baby milestones is relationships and recognizing faces. We can document these milestones by capturing photos your 3 month baby with mom and dad. We may aim for both close ups of the babies reaction and some wider shots of mom or dad and the 3 month baby.

Facial Expressions
A 3 month old baby is just starting to react to the world around them. One fun 3 month baby picture idea is to do a series of headshot of the baby showing a variety of emotions. Having mom or dad show the baby different object, make different sounds, and play games with baby. All the while, we can continue to photography the baby’s face in the same frame up over and over. If successful, these 3 month baby pictures make for a great framed set.y

Prop Shots
We will do several prop shots, or shots on a beanbag. Baby may do well sitting in a bucket/crate/box or lying on the belly pushing up on hands. Parents may need to assist in stabilizing baby during some images (hands will be edited out).  Lying on the back on blankets or in baskets  is a favorite for 3 month olds too!


Please bring as many outfits as you would like,  in varying colors and styles. Don’t forget hats, headbands, jackets, etc. Special blankets always work well. If they have a special toy, bring that as well. If you have something that is important to your family, or some things your family is interested in (sports items, musical instruments etc), bring those as well! I like to know and plan for any themed shots ahead of time, so just let me know what you have in mind!  (We will talk about the specifics of any shots on the phone or in e-mail).

Please also bring a pacifier (even if baby doesn’t usually take one). Extra bottles, a small snack, diapers, wipes, and extra clothes for mom/dad in case of an accident.  A favorite toy may soothe baby if he is upset or frightened and a favorite blanket.


Go East on 10th Street in Rolla and past the Forum shopping center, to County Road 3110. Turn left and go about 2 miles to County Road 3040. Turn left and go about 1 mile. My address is 11409. It is at the top of a hill, white mailbox and a white fence/lake. My house is the brick one with the red door at the end of the drive. My address is 11409 County Road 3040 in Rolla if you need to use Google Maps for another route. If you have any problems finding this, you can give me a call at 573-201-6301.

If we have chosen a location, I can provide directions for you once we have finalized the location.

Thanks and look forward to meeting you!